5.1KW all in one air source air to water hot water heat pump model NERS-FDV1.5/S150

5.1KW all in one air source air to water hot water heat pump model NERS-FDV1.5/S150

Household all in one hot water heat pump picture

Domestic air source heat pump specification

Model NERS-F1.5/S150
Rated heating capacity 5100W
Rated input power/current 1235W/5.8A
Max input power/current 1730W/8.2A
Power supply 220V-/50Hz
Rated output water quantity 110L/h
Rated water volume(dual inner tank) 150L
Rated output water temperature 55℃
Max output water temperature 60℃
Compressor Mitsubishi
Refrigerant R134a
Rated of waterproof IPX4
Rated of Elc.leakage protection I
Net weight 86kg
Noise ≤48dB(A)
Water tank working pressure ≤0.8MPa
Max compressor inlet/outlet pressure 3.0MPa
Max working pressure 3.0MPa
Size(mm) 562*348*1786
Option colors Silver, Golden 


All In One Heat Pump:

1.70°C output water temperature and super COP 4.23.

2.Using R134A green refrigeration.

3.Energy saving 75%, saving more running cost.

4.Square design and monoblock type,easy installation .

5.Strong insulation effect, 24 hours water temperature only drop<3 °C.

6.Dual tank technology, higher water output quantity.

Working Principle of Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps are machines that extract heat from one place, upgrade it to a higher temperature and move it to 

another place. Air source heat pumps systems consist of four major elements that allow the refrigerant to pass 

from the liquid state to the gas: a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator. 

Structure of all in one heat pump


1.What is your advantages,comparing with other water heaters?
 Avoiding electric water heater leakage, dry, high power consumption.
 Avoiding the drawbacks of gas water heater,such as producing harmful gases,Fits and starts etc.
 Energy efficient, safety and environmental protection, all-weather operation, easy to use.

2.What is the function of our inverter heat pump?

1)Domestic hot water all year round

2)Space heating in winter

3)Space cooling in summer

3.What is the supply conditions of our product?

Heating test conditions : Ambient temp.7°C/6°C,Water temp.40°C/45°C
Refrigeration test conditions :Ambient temp.35°C,Water temp.12°C/7°C
Hot water test conditions : Ambienttemp.7°C/6°C,Water temp.9°C/55°C

4.How long is the life of air water heater

Life span is 12-15 years

5.How many years'guarantee?

2 years. 

During the guarantee period, if the quality problem is not caused by human, we will responsible replace

the damaged parts for free. But the shipping cost is charge by customer.Related products

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