5.39KW household all in one heat pump for DHW model FDV1.5/Y220

Item NERS- FDV1.5/Y160 FDV1.5/Y220
Rated heating capicity W 5390 5390
Input power W 1275 1275
Voltage  V/Hz 220V-50Hz
Rated output water temperature  °C 55°C
Max output water temperature °C 70°C
Water tank capacity L 160L 220L
Refrigeration   R134A
Control mode   Microcomputer central processor (touch control)
Compressor Form   Rotation type
Quantity   1 1
Brand   Mitsubishi
UNIT Net size mm 583*339*1782 741*444*1845
Weight Kg 91 115
Nosie level dB(A)  <50
Fan Form   centrifugal
Fan power  W 50
Water tank 
coil   aluminum
Ambient temperature   (-10℃ --  46℃)
Inlet pipe diameter DN15
Outlet pipe diameter DN15
Payment terms:T/T, 30% in advance, 70% balance before shipment.              
Delivery time:  30 working days after deposit, right away after balance.
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Package: carton plus woods
Parameter testing condition:
DB/WB:20℃/15℃, Water In/Out:15℃/55℃

All in one heat pump:

  • 1.70°C output water temperature and super COP 4.23.
  • 2.Using R134A green refrigeration.
  • 3.Energy saving 75%, saving more running cost.
  • 4.Square design and monoblock type,easy installation .
  • 5.Strong insulation effect, 24 hours water temperature only drop<3 °C.
  • 6.Dual tank technology, higher water output quantity.
Product Advantage

1.Luxury LED touch controller
Luxury LCD screen, touch control, flexible water temp. Adjustment, multiple running modes are available, enjoy comfortable hot water.
2.Max water temperature reaches 70℃
Cold water continuously heat transfer with multiple heat exchangers,max Output water temp. Can reach 70℃, hot water output quantity is much higher than ordinary heat pump unit.
3.Dual water tank heat transfer technology
Hot and cold water storage separated, mixed water is small, heat more thoroughly, making the heat pump water output quantity each 125%.

Heat Pump Details


  • 1.ASHP Heating Capacity:  All-in-one 3.79KW 5.39KW.
  • 2.Best Selling Market:  Central, North & East Europe, North Europe, Asia.
  • 3.Ambient Temp of Using:  Minus 15C, highest 70C hot Water Output.
  • 4.Certification: ISO9001, CE, erP Energy Label, ROHS.
  • 5.Use *Mitsubishi* dual-rotor Compressor for all-in-one Air Source Heat Pump.
HEAT PUMP TYPE  Monoblock All-in-one Heat Pump Air to Water Heat PumpALL-IN-ONE 3.79KW(160L)-5.39KW(160L/220L)DHW+FREE COOLING
FACTORY SCALE with in total 3 factory in China,400,000 sq meters. 500,000 units producing ability, 100,000 units sold in 2016
HEAT PUMP FUNCTION Radiator, FCU, Floor Heating Cooling & Hot Water
MOQ 5-10 Units(1-2 Sample available with stocks)
EFFICIENCY COP 3.5-5 at Ambient 7C-25C
SUITABLE MARKET Minus 15C stable WorkingAsia,Central, North & East Europe
  SUITABLE HEATING SPACE          TYPE OF HEAT PUMP                MODEL NAME          USING AREA All-in one Heat Pump 3.79KW(160I)      FDV1/Y160             (3-4 persons)All-in one Heat Pump 3.79KW(160I)      FDV1.5/160            (3-4 persons)
All-in one Heat Pump 3.79KW(160I)      FDV1.5/220            (4-5 persons)
Package & Delivery