5.3KW R134a household mini floorstanding 240L all in one heat pump-NERS-FR200II


Item NERS-                         FR200II                        
Rated heating capacity W   5390  
Input power W 1275
Voltage V/HZ 55℃
Rated output water temperature 70℃
Rated hot water capacity   116L/h
Continuous output water quantity         L 240 L
Refrigerant   R134a
Control mode   Touch control
Compressor Form Rotation type
Quantity 1
Brand Mitsubishi
Net size mm 450*487*1415mm
Net weight kg 90
Noise   <50dB(A)
Water tank built-in Volume(L) 80L
Coil stainless steel #316
Ambient temp. (-15~43℃)
Color   Silver/ Golden

Mini all in one heat pump:

1.70~75°C output water temperature and super COP 4.23
2.Using R134A green refrigeration.
3.Energy saving 75%, saving more running cost.
4.Mini size and monoblock type ,easy installation .
5.Strong insulation effect, 24 hours water temperature only drop <3 °C.
6.3 times fast heating technology, 240L continuous water output quantity.



Small size, but large hot water

1.Japan mitsubishi compressor
High heating efficiency, stable running, 15-year lifespan.
2.Ultra small volume design
Ultra small size of the all in one heat pump, completely solve the big size problem of traditional heat pump.
3.Output water temperature reaches 75 ℃
Max water temperature can reach 75 ℃, greatly increased the amount of hot water.
4.3x max fast heating technology
Continuous water output quantity ca be 200L/240L.

Heat Pump Details

1. ASHP Heating Capacity:  All-in-one  5.39KW

2. Best Selling Market:  Central, North & East Europe, North Europe, Asia

3. Ambient Temp of Using:  Minus 15C, highest 70C hot Water Output

4. Certification: ISO9001, CE, erP Energy Label, ROHS

5. Use *Mitsubishi* dual-rotor Compressor for all-in-one Air Source Heat Pump

HEAT PUMP TYPE Monoblock All-in-one Heat Pump Air to Water Heat PumpALL-IN-ONE 5.39KW(240L)DHW+FREE COOLING
FACTORY SCALE with in total 3 factory in China400,000 sq meters. 500,000 units producing ability, 100,000 units sold in 2016
HEAT PUMP FUNCTION Radiator, Fan Coil Unit, Hot water+free cooing
MOQ 5-10 Units (1-2 Units available with stocks)
EFFICIENCY COP 3.5- 5 at Ambient 7C-25C
SUITABLE MARKET Minus 15C stable WorkingAsia,central, North & East Europe
SUITABLE DHW USAGE TYPE OF HEAT PUMP                                                USING AREA                                     MODEL NAME All-in one Heat Pump 3.79KW(160l)                        (3-4 persons)                                   FDV1/Y160All-in one Heat Pump 5.39KW(160l)                  (3-4 persons)                         FDV1.5/160All-in one Heat Pump 5.39KW(220l)                  (4-5 persons)                         FDV1.5/220       

Packing Details: stable plywood box package

Delivery Details : 1-25 working days after receiving payment by T/T, or alibaba trade assurance payment

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